I, myself, am personally familiar with the details, stresses and complexities of a military move since I have been through many.  My husband is currently career military so I understand what is entailed.  I offer this rebate to say thank you and show my sincere and deep appreciation for all involved.  Active duty or retired military qualify.  If you allow me to assist you in purchasing or selling a home in the Colorado Springs area you can qualify and receive up to a $6,200 rebate.  If you purchase and sell a home with me you will be eligible to receive up to a $12,400 cash rebate!

Sale or Purchase Price of Home

My Military Rebate*

USAA’s Rebate





































$1,000,000 +




The rebate does not apply to transactions where a referral fee is due. The rebate is only paid on a full fee structure transaction, if allowed by Purchasers Lender. Recipient may be responsible for taxes on the rebate.

The maximum amount most rebate programs are offering is $6,000 and they are only available to members.

My Rebate Program is available to ALL active duty and retired military personnel, and allows a bonus of up to $6,200! Sell and Buy a home with me and receive up to $12,400 Total !